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Baby Girl Gifts

Can you tell what the thing on top of this hat is supposed to be?

What is it?

We’ll come back to this shortly.

Chalice Baby Blanket

A former co-worker is having a baby girl next month so I decided to take the opportunity to try knitting some baby-related items. The first thing I made her was this Chalice Baby Blanket. I decided to use KnitPick’s Comfy Worsted yarn since it’s 75% cotton (25% acrylic) and soft. Despite being a lacy pattern, it was actually pretty easy to follow and didn’t result in a lot of profanities. If you haven’t guessed, most everything she registered for is light green in color.


Upside-down Flower Hat


The second thing I made her is a baby hat. I can’t decide if I should give it to her because I’m not sure she’ll be able to tell that the thing decorating the top of the hat is supposed to be an upside-down flower. It’s not as obvious from the front view shown above, but the view from above is a little better. Should I give her the hat?

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  1. M. says:

    Yes! Adorable!!

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